Working with us


Perks of the Jobs

It's hard to work in hospitality. Late nights, some early starts, demanding customers and never a dull moment. But that's what makes it fun after all. At Albion and East we like to try and give you guys a little bit back to say thank you.

Staff Food

Anyone who works over 6 hours gets a 20-minute break and a meal on us. This is usually a margarita pizza or parmesan tomato pasta.


We give you guys a coffee a day of your choice. Please make sure its not a time when we are under pressure for the black stuff and that we use the bar coffee and not the Caravan coffee to make it.


Anyone coming in to eat or drink with us gets 25% discount for them and indeed anyone else they bring with them. We want you to be proud of where you work and the manager on duty will discount your bill.


You "accrue" holiday as you work. This means you earn more holiday the more hours you work. We save this up for you so that you get paid when you are on holiday.
In addition to this, once you work for us for over 2 years, you can gain additional holiday days from us based on the length of service.

Staff party

Once a year in January or February we always have a biota party to say thank you to all of our staff that have worked the busiest part of the year. Expect some awards, plenty of drinks and dancing to the early hours.

Referral Bonus

Head chef/Assistant Manager/General Manager £1000 after 2 months of service.
Any other Front of House role or chef role £100 paid after 2 months service.

Apply here with your and let us know which bar you are applying for Email us